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Helpinator FREE 3.18

Helpinator - create help files in CHM, PDF,nd online Web Help

Helpinator FREE is a help authoring application which only allows ten topics per project. This authoring tool is suitable for small help documents.
This help editor permits adding, editing, and deleting topic contents and also it allows the addition of new keywords for each one. It offers a good editing tool to create help documents with excellent quality. Its GUI is user-friendly and it doesn’t require a lot of time to create a help document; even more, the program by itself automatically indexes the entire content.

This authoring tool is Multilanguage and it is possible to use different languages at the same time even in the same topic. It supports CHM, PDF, RTF and HTML output file formats; it allows compilation of any of these output formats individually or all at once. It admits images and flash files enhancing your help projects.

You can import help projects from RTF and HTML files and modify or enrich them with the editor available in the program. Once you finish editing, Helpinator allows to change or keep the same format.

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